Cocoon Apothecary Soak and Mud Gift Set


The Cocoon Apothecary therapeutic and soothing bath cube relaxes muscles and hydrates skin while the Dead Sea mud and Canadian glacial clay in the mud mask deep clean pores and exfoliate dead skin cells. Moisturize the skin with the luxurious olive oil based Purist lotion. 

This set is delivered for free with an order of $150 and up. Includes bag/box, tissue, and a special note card with your personalized message. 

* Limited quantities! Order early to avoid disappointment. 

Set includes: 

1) Mint Eucalyptus Bath Cube: A cube-shaped bath bomb offers an effervescent bathing experience that softens and exfoliates skin while moisturizing with organic castor oil. Mint Eucalyptus has a penetrating aroma that smells soothing and medicinal. 

2) Ancient Mud Facial Mask: Deep cleans skin with ultra-fine clays and provides intense exfoliation to clarify and refine pores.  Maintains hydration keeping skin plump and radiant while providing mineral nourishment to balance and revive the skin. 

3) Purist Body Lotion: An unscented body lotion that soothes and moisturizes dry skin. This nut-free, scent-free formula absorbs effortlessly into skin to make it feel soft and hydrated. Made with gentle plant-based ingredients ideal for extra sensitive skin.

4) Headband: Soft, absorbent terrycloth headband with bendable twist ends that give a custom fit and stays put.

5) Mask Applicator: Use the silicone mask brush to spread the Ancient Mud Facial Mask on your skin for a mess-free and even application.