Helena Lane Green Tea & Blue Algae Soothing Oat Mask

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This Helena Lane Green Tea & Blue Algae Soothing Oat Mask is a luxurious addition to any skin care routine. Its rich combination of nourishing green tea, soothing oat and antioxidant-rich blue algae help to relieve damaged and mature skin with its intense hydration. Results are noticeable after just one use, leaving skin looking soft and renewed.

  • 98% certified organic ingredients, 2% wild crafted blue-green algae
  • Colloidal oats are rich in vitamins, minerals and essential fats. They are very anti-inflammatory and help to lock oils and water into the skin
  • Matcha green tea and blue green algae contain anti-inflammatory properties that reduces the redness associated with reactive and damaged skin types, such as rosacea and eczema. Also very high in antioxidants to fight UV damage and premature aging
  • Leaves even the most sensitive and reactive skin calm and soothed
  • Dry powder form extends shelf life


Colloidal oats
Rose powder
Matcha tea
Blue green algae (wild crafted)