Makeup Masterclass


A makeup masterclass to refresh techniques and products for women 40+. Makeup artist and green beauty expert, Maria Velve, will cover everything you need to look fresh and get makeup to last.

The next makeup masterclass will be in the Fall. Dates to be announced later this summer. If you need this makeup learning experience in your life, book an one-on-one makeup lesson through the Services link. 

Makeup artist and green beauty expert, Maria Velve, is hosting a makeup masterclass which will cover:

- reviewing skincare products to prep for makeup application
- discussing foundation and concealer do's and dont's
- reviewing eye shadow and eyeliner placement and shade selection
- discussing why eyebrows are a-must and which products are best
- reviewing blush placement and best products
- discussing everything about the lips - liner, lipstick finish and shade selection

You will be guided on your techniques by Maria (plus another artist) and work on your face to improve your own techniques and achieve a beautiful makeup application. At the end of the workshop you will know how to

- prep your skin before makeup application
- apply concealer to cover discolouration and lift the face
- choose colours and placement of eye shadows which suit your eyes
- choose blush (cream vs powder) and shades that work best for your complexion
- lip care, shades and products for your lips

1) We will have extra makeup brushes on hand, but please bring your own clean brushes if you have them.  If you have long hair, bring a headband and/or a clip to pull it back with.  

2) If your day allows, please arrive with cleansed and moisturized skin. The space has a bathroom and a cleanser will be provided if you need to wash your face.

3) We cannot know all attendees skin tones in advance, so please bring a liquid foundation and/ or concealer (if you wear it) and a face powder to help set your makeup. Please also bring your makeup bag so we can utilize the products in it.

4) Your ticket price includes skincare and makeup products retailed at $100+.

5) Plan to go out for a drink or dinner in the neighborhood afterwards since your makeup will be all done! The Human Kind Club is located at 58 Wade Ave Unit 7, Toronto, ON M6H 1P6

6) Light refreshments will be provided.

7) By purchasing a ticket you agree to photos and video taken during the event for marketing purposes.

8) Tickets are non refundable.