Helena Lane Nourishing Rose and Frankincense Hydrating Mist


Helena Lane's Rose and Frankincense Mist is floral and nurturing to heal and refresh the skin. For all skin types. 

  • 100% certified organic ingredients
  • Non-drying and non-sticky
  • Frankincense and rose support skin regeneration, hydrating, anti-aging and healing
  • Blood orange helps to shrink and tighten pores and bring radiance to dull complexions
  • Hydrates the surface layers of the skin aid in nutrient transportation, waste product elimination and cell communication – all vital for healthy, great looking skin
  • pH balancing to help protect and maintain our skin’s natural barrier, the acid mantle

Maria's Pro Tip: Using a hydrating mist is my favourite way to quickly cleanse my skin in the morning.  Mist your face with a generous amount and then use a reusable cotton facial pad to remove evening skin care from your skin. Follow with your serum or moisturizer. 

Hydrating mists are also great for thinning down serum or moisturizer on those days that they feel too rich.  You can also lightly mist your face to set your makeup in place, give a dewy glow and help lock in moisture!  

NEW – Add Hyaluronic Acid to your Mist!

Hyaluronic acid is now considered one of the top skin care must haves for healthy glowing skin. It’s ability to hold over 1000x its weight in water AND help it be absorbed through the surface layers of the skin is remarkable. Having fully hydrated skin cells allows for better functioning; nutrition gets absorbed, detoxification is effective and cell communication is clear. All important for great looking skin. I use a vegan sourced HA, produced by the fermentation of beans and peas.⁠

Now you can add the benefit of HA to any mist. For those who love the experience of a mist, or like to top up during the day.⁠



Rose hydrosol (distillate)
Frankincense hydrosol (distillate)
Blood Orange hydrosol (distillate)