Helena Lane Lavender and Lime Balancing Cleanser


Helena Lane's Lavender and Lime oil cleanser is ideal for all skin types, especially normal, combination, oily, acne and blemished. A refreshing cleansing balm which helps to unblock pores, regulate sebum production and soften and smooth the skin.

  • 100% certified organic ingredients
  • Jojoba dissolves “dirty” oils and helps to regulate sebum production in dry and oily skin
  • Effectively removes dirt, make-up and pollution whilst supporting and maintaining our skins protective barrier
  • Eucalyptus opens pores to cleanse and decongest                          
  • Lavender and lime are anti-bacterial, antiseptic and anti-fungal 
  • Softens and smoothes the skin surface
  • Dissolves even waterproof make-up
  • 60 ml

*Please note due to the 100% natural ingredients this product is only available from October to April.  This product requires cooler temperatures to remain in a solid state.  A cool dark environment is recommended during warmer months.

NEW! Boost your cleanser with the powder of Organic Frankincense Powdered Extract!

A mini vial of treasure for your skin. 

This magic ingredient can be added to your cleanser to boost its ability to heal and rejuvenate your skin. This form of frankincense contains the highest concentration of boswellic acids, the active ingredient that has given frankincense its incredible reputation for skin health.

We recommend that you add this powdered extract to your balm cleanser*, the powder will add a gentle scrub to the cleanser* and also the divine scent of frankincense. The powder will slowly dissolve into the oils, so the scrub will diminish over time. It can also be added to any oil and left slowly to dissolve. The powder comes in a separate glass vial and contains 100% Organic Boswellia carteri powdered extract.

*This frankincense powder works best in the three Helena Lane cleansing balms (Chamomile & Mandarin, Jojoba & Calendula, Lavender & Lime). It can be added to our liquid oil cleanser (Red Western Cedar & Lemon) but will need to be left for a few weeks for the grains to dissolve so they do not block the pump.

How to use: At the end of your day, take a pea sized amount and massage into a warm damp face. Leave for 2-20 minutes (can be used as a mask). Remove with a warm damp cloth. If you are removing lots of dirt or make-up you may need to repeat. Follow with floral water and serum, or leave your skin as is. 

I brush my teeth while the cleanser is on my skin. That way I know it’s been on for at least 2 minutes!

The goal is to not need any product after cleansing, however if you you some extra support during the transition follow your cleanser with a mist, serum, and a face oil.

It is most necessary to cleanse your face at night, to remove daily dirt, pollution and make-up. In the morning I recommend using a simple damp cloth and some flower water to wipe over your face. Watch how-to video .

Remove the paper seal and using a mini spatula or back end of a teaspoon make a well in the centre of the cleanser by taking out a generous scoop. Pour in the powdered extract and mix thoroughly not forgetting to add back in the scooped out cleanser.


Jojoba oil (infused with calendula and chamomile flowers), Beeswax, Lavender essential oil, Lime essential oil, Eucalyptus essential oil