Pure Anada Everyday Eye Brush


Use the Pure Anada Angled Everyday Eye Brush for everything eyeshadow! You will be surprised at how soft it feels. The handle is made of sustainable bamboo wood, making it an eco-friendly choice.  You will love this brush! 

  • high quality and affordable brushes that are
  • ideal for the perfect application of mineral cosmetics  
  • cruelty-free and sustainable
  • synthetic bristles are made of an extremely soft fiber; the handles are crafted of eco-friendly bamboo 

How to use:   Use it as an eyelid brush. This brush is also great for making a more dramatic look by applying darker colours to the outer corner of your eyes, under your eye and creating a more defined crease look. Also works great for highlighting the inner corners with a lighter colour.

Maria's Pro Tip: Don't forget to shampoo your brushes weekly! In the palm of your hand, use a dollop of mild shampoo (or what you use for your hair) and work the loof (brush hairs) into a lather. To rinse, allow a gentle flow of water into your palm,  and rinse the loof ensuring the water and soap don't go past the ferrule (metal part).  Don't get brush handles wet or you risk your brush falling apart.  Smooth the loof back into original shape and allow to dry overnight.

Warranty: It is possible that a brush is faulty from the manufacturer.  You will notice this almost immediately; the bristles will come off onto your skin the first time you use it, or after the first shampoo.  We guarantee our brushes for 30 days after purchase.  This gives you opportunity to apply your makeup and shampoo it a couple times to ensure the bristles are secure.  Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds or exchanges on brushes after this period of time.