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With spring rolling in and people heading out on vacation, it's especially important that you are wearing sunscreen everyday. However, nobody wants to wear sunscreen that they don’t like the feel of, is out of their budget or for a million other reasons personal to you. It is therefore crucial that you find a sunscreen you love because it's pleasant to apply. This is why I have created this ultimate guide to choosing a mineral sunscreen.

I have written two other blogs on this topic, which you can check out here and here. They are great resources but given that I have expanded my range of SPF products I think it is time for a new guide!

I have broken down my offerings into categories based on how they feel on the skin. I understand that skin type here is not as big of a factor as other variables like if you wear makeup, if you are on the go a lot and if you have mature or young skin. So without further ado, here is your ultimate mineral sunscreen guide:

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The Best Lightweight options:

One of my most asked questions from clients is 'what do you recommend as a lightweight sunscreen?' Mineral sunscreens often get a bad rap for being heavy on the skin, so these lighter options are a couple of my favourites that I use regularly.

The recommendations:

Ava Isa's Sun to Serum Drops - SPF 35:

This ultra-lightweight serum sunscreen packs a punch of SPF 35, all while having little to no white-cast and feeling so lovely on the skin. The Ava Isa sunscreen is one of my best sellers and it's no surprise. If you want an easy sunscreen that you can't feel once it is on, or you have oilier skin and cannot tolerate a heavier cream, this is for you. The dropper dispenser is not my favourite but the lightweight non-greasy serum-like SPF is worth it!

Ava Isa Every Morning Lotion - SPF 30:

This is another winner by Ava Isa! An easy-to-apply lightweight lotion in a plastic squeezable compact bottle that's perfect for travel.  This SPF lotion is an all mineral sunscreen with 25% zinc oxide. It's deeply hydrating, smooth and glossy! It applies a white but blends clear on all skin tones. 


Living Libations Everybody Loves the Sunshine Zinc Lotion: 

This lightweight lotion from Living Libations  is one of my favourites because every Living Libations product is a sensory experience. You wouldn't think of an spf providing a sensory experience, but this one will make you want to put sunscreen on! This formulation is light and golden in colour, but it does leave a bit of a white tint on the skin . To help this, I advise you to always do a proper skincare ritual before hand - you can skip the moisturizer if you tend to get oily, but don't skip your serum! I find that zinc-based lotions stick more to dry skin.  Hydrated skin will ensure better application. 



The Best Medium Weight options:

Medium weight options are a great starting point when trying to find a mineral sunscreen that you love. You can test them out on top of your normal moisturizer if you have dryer skin or skin in need of nourishment. I also find that my clients with well hydrated skin can use these options as their daily moisturizer. For this ultimate guide to choosing a mineral sunscreen, these are two picks both offered on my online store.

The recommendations:

Just Sun Daily Defence Tinted SPF30:

This SPF lotion is one of my most recent additions but has become a favourite.  It features nourishing antioxidants to soothe and protect the skin such as Sea Buckthorn, Raspberry Seed Oil, and Honeysuckle Flower. It can be used as a daily moisturizer cutting down the steps in your skincare routine.  It's creamy and blends in to the skin nicely because of its light beige colour. I think you'll love this one, too!

LASPA Matte Tinted Sunscreen (in 5 shades):

These matte sunscreens feature an SPF 20 and are perfect for reapplying SPF over your makeup! There aren't too many products in the market that will allow you to do this. Many women try to avoid makeup when having to wear SPF, but what if you're at an outdoor wedding or event? Shouldn't you have the options to wear makeup without compromising your sun protection? If you're thinking that your foundation has SPF and has you covered, I want to tell you that you're not applying enough of your foundation to actually give you the SPF rating it claims.  You need 1/4 of a teaspoon on your face, neck and ears! So apply at least an SPF30 before makeup, apply your makeup and touch up with the LASPA Matte Tinted Sunscreen shades! They're sized to fit perfectly in your purse, travel friendly (I see you planning that vacation!) and come in a completely recyclable tube! 


The Rich options: 

Rich sunscreens are not just for the cold months. My clients with dryer skin, or those wanting tinted and makeup options can really benefit from these products. All of these options were a must have in this ultimate guide to choosing a mineral sunscreen because they provide deep nourishment and also ease of use because you only need one product to get the job done.

The recommendations:

Helena Lane Sun creams: 

The Lemongrass and Lavender (scented) sun cream is hands down, by far one of the best smelling products I offer. And to make it even better it is super nourishing and provides protection from the sun. When I am out and about, I love applying this all over. Really, I could not love this product from Helena Lane any more.

The Chamomile Calendula (unscented) sun cream is the same formulation as above minus the scent. The texture of this sun cream is wonderful with and without scent. It also doesn't leave a white cast! The chamomile and calendula helps reduce any sun irritation on the skin alongside the sun protection.

 LASPA Mineral SPF 45 Lotion


LA SPA Naturals SPF 45 Lotion:

This is a luxurious feeling lotion in a generous 125ml aluminum pump.  Crafted with essential oils and plant-based ingredients and zinc oxide, this sunscreen can easily replace your day time moisturizer! It goes on rich although the lotion is milk-like. It takes a couple of minutes before it melts into your skin leaving a beautiful sheen on the skin and no white-cast at all.


I hope this ultimate guide to choosing a mineral sunscreen will help you to find a product you love. If you need more help, I offer one-on-one consultations which can be booked here . I can also answer any questions you may have by contacting me through my website, commenting below on this blog or through my social media!


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