Amazing Hair Saviour hair oil Amazing Hair Saviour hair oil

Amazing Hair Saviour Hair Oil


Amazing Hair Saviour is a hair oil created by Amber, a King City mom, after her personal struggle with Alopecia. Amazing Hair Saviour helps to protect your hair from environmental stressors causing dryness or oiliness and balances the scalp, stress-related hair issues and split ends.

Just like your body, your hair needs healthy food to grow to its maximum potential. Healthy nutrition is necessary for your hair to help it grow strong, smooth and shiny.

Active ingredients help:

  • Thicken hair 
  • Improve overall hair health
  • Promote regrowth, nourish, and revitalize hair 
  • Soothe the scalp and revitalize hair roots
  • Penetrate root to tip for hydration
  • Protect your hair from environmental damage
  • Provide hydration to reduce split ends
  • Help reduce Frizz
  • Help balance the scalp 
  • Remove loose dandruff flakiness
  • Strengthen hair
  • Moisturize the scalp


How to use:

Massage 1 to 2 droppers of the Amazing Hair Saviour into the scalp for a minute or two and leave in for a 2-3 hours, making sure to cover your hair ends with product. If you have active hair fall then it's not necessary to apply to the ends - focus on the roots and scalp.  Shampoo your hair as usual and see the magic come to life.

You can also leave the Amazing Hair Saviour overnight and wash in the morning for deeper hydration and amazing results.


Almond oil: Hydrates your hair strand and moisturizes the scalp
Coconut oil: Protects from dandruff flakes, dryness, itchy scalp, breakage and split ends
Rosemary essential oil: Provides anti-inflammatory stimulation, helps protect premature greying, helps hair to strengthen, antioxidants heal and repair damage connected to hair 
Nigella sativa oil: Helps hair with thymoquinone, a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound, provides anti microbial, antioxidant, anti-aging properties for hair health and sun protection.  


Please read the ingredients and information carefully and use at your own risk. Results vary on individual basis.