Eko and Co Dry Body Brush


Dry brushing is an essential part of your skin ritual! This dry brush is made with firm natural plant based sisal bristles, beechwood and a cotton handle.

  • Dry brushing is an essential and energizing part of any skin-detox ritual. 
  • unclogs pores removes dead skin improves blood circulation
  • helps detoxify your skin regular use can work to breakdown cellulite prevents ingrown hair
  • This brush will aid with lymphatic drainage, exfoliate and buff away dead skin cells to reveal glowing and smooth skin
  • Specifics: beechwood handle, cotton strap, natural sisal bristles
  •  size: 5” x 3” x 1.5”

How to Dry Brush: Start at your feet and work upwards. Brush using wide circular motion. Apply more pressure where skin is thicker and less pressure where skin is more sensitive. Work on your arms from hands towards your shoulders. Shower after dry brushing your body and follow your shower with your favourite moisturizer or body oil.  I hope the experience leaves your skin soft and rejuvenated. 

How to use: Use before showering for optimal results.  Start at the feet and work up towards the heart and torso using gentle long strokes. 

Check out this video for guidance!