Pure Anada Control Mattifying Primer - Lady’s Mantle and Chia Seed


Pure Anada Control Mattifying Primer helps to absorb excess oils, while simultaneously preventing dry skin. This a perfect makeup primer for combination and oily skin types!

  • Lady's Mantle extract is proven to decrease sebum in clinical trials by 22-30%
  • Biopolymer Chia extract functions to disrupt the surface tension of sebum on the skin by naturally binding excess oils

Skin Types: For oily prone skin.

How to Use: Apply ½ dropper of product on clean, moisturized skin prior to makeup application. If trying to eliminate excess oils, a separate moisturizer is not needed. Pure Anada Calm Hydrator may be used on top of Control Mattifying Primer if required, to soothe irritated skin conditions.

Additional info: Biopolymer Chia seed extract is a game changer for oily skin!  It’s a modified protein that disrupts the surface tension of sebum on the skin by binding to excess sebum.  It absorbs oil in a water-dispersible polymer to form a film that reduces the appearance of oily skin and hydrates at the same time.  Chia's moisture retention benefits help to protect and condition skin.  

Ingredients: Water, Coconut Acid, Alchemilla Vulgaris Extract, Salvia Hispanica Seed Extract