Yellow Beauty - Red Erase Facial Scrub


Yellow Beauty's RED ERASE facial scrub features turmeric — the perfect, powerful, natural ingredient that has you covered. When combined with skin superfoods like chickpea flour and coconut oil, the result is a gentle exfoliant that fades breakouts and redness in as little as one use.

Red Erase facial scrub

  • sloughs away dead skin cells with cane sugar which contains glycolic acid
  • helps smooth the skin’s surface with glycolic acid - a natural alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) and the smallest hydroxyl acid molecule - meaning it penetrates deep and quickly into the skin, stimulating collagen production
  • fight infections that cause breakouts with chickpea flour which is chock full of zinc; has been used in India for centuries as a gentle exfoliator and is amazing at soothing inflamed skin and controlling excess sebum production
  • protects the skin against breakouts and harmful bacteria with coconut oil 
  • reduces the appearance of breakouts and helps calm conditions like psoriasis and eczema with turmeric powder; brightens too!